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Cod Season Open

The 2020 cod season is officially open. Cod season was only closed for three months but not casting those big surface lures and my favourite diving lures around took its toll.I resorted to watching many cod fishing videos, sorting out my lures maybe on more than one occasion, replacing old fishing line with the new, upgrading blunt hooks with new, so come the start of cod season, I was ready to do battle with the mighty Murray Cod. I can’t wait.Here are a few tips that might help.Where to fish?When targeting Murray cod look out for good flowing water with plenty of cover. Murray cod are an ambush predator, this means they will wait for their prey to come to them instead of going in search of their food.Casting your lures hard up against fallen timber and snag piles will give you the best chance of catching some quality fish.Sometimes it pays to try and think ‘if I were a fish where would be the best place to get an easy feed with minimal effort?’.Take the time when you’re on the water or even walking the banks to look out for structures and potential fish holding areas, make a mental note of these areas and plan for your next outing.Fishing gear and suppliesFor all your fishing needs and information call in and see Pete at Betta Camping and Fishing in George St. If you’re after some great quality fishing gear and lures, here you will find a great range of surface lures, diving lures, spinnerbaits, rods and reels.When it comes to surface lures, swimbaits, hardbodies and spinnerbaits, I’d choose something that is easy to cast, makes plenty of noise and that is suited to your rod.Some surface lures and swimbaits can be quite heavy, meaning if you want to cast out large lures you might need to upgrade your rod and reel. This will also apply to the larger diving lures, I like to have a few rods that are set up for the lures I cast, be that small, medium and large.