Saints show strength against Redeyes

Thirds Blighty player Bryce Lea received best on for the game.

The Saints added a touch of pink to their uniform on Saturday, in honour of Ladies Day.

And as determined as the club was to raise as much money for breast cancer awareness, the senior footballers were even more hungry to put on a performance worthy of the occasion.

The Saints delivered a brilliant performance ending in a 156 point win against Blighty.

The Middleton brothers - Harley and Levi - were in top form.

Levi continues to be a leather magnet, with a stat sheet stuffing performance.

Harley seemed to feed off his brother, using his deadly accurate boot to add six goals to his name. A few of those goals ended with some highlight worthy celebrations.

Young star Rory Bartlett took his game to another level after being moved to a backline position.

He played as an attacking back flanker, using his football smarts and endless run to create passages of play from back 50 to forward 50.

Adam Way proved once again that age has no hold on the towering ruckman.

‘Wayzy’, as he is affectionately known, is unbelievable in the ruck contest because he uses his height and athleticism, but also his other worldly ability to always know where his midfielders are.

If the seniors can keep up this form, a long and successful final series is on the horizon.

Blighty fought hard on Saturday, but the Saints were just too strong for the undermanned Redeyes.

Final score: Final score: Blighty 3.2 (20) to Berrigan 27.14 (176).

What a show the reserves put on.

Some hidden talent was unearthed and celebrated with the return of a couple of Berrigan stalwarts this week.

Shining in his pink socks, Nick Arnold emerged from his football cocoon as an emerging ruckman, tapping the pill to ball magnet and crowd favourite Fraser Haintz.

Arnold - surprising even himself with a run and bounce combination - and Haintz cleared the centre time and again, pushing the ball forward to Steven Morgan, who with five big ones to his name demonstrated that he was returning to full strength post injury.

The relentless pressure of Noel Baxter and Haintz quickly wore down the Blighty followers.

Rob Ryan’s footballing smarts and leadership on field was a constant guide for the Saints, a welcome presence in the absence of coach Damon Ferguson.

There is no doubt that the Sainters took advantage of Blighty’s weak spots, peppering 28 goals by 12 contributors.

Among the best for Berrigan this week were Nick Arnold, Fraser Haintz, Steven Morgan, Rob Ryan, Aaron Burley and Craig Glanville.

It was a rough day for the Redeyes, with a number of injuries about the club leaving the side scraping at the barrel for players.

However, with help from the thirds Blighty were able to put a side together.

The score was one of the most disappointing things to see on paper this year, but it won’t take anything away from the working battlers that show up week-to-week knowing they are up for a tough game.

The first half was definitely a disappointing start, with Blighty admitted to being unorganised and unprepared for the fight.

Second half was a little different, with the Redeyes putting together a good structured centre that started winning clearances, showing Berrigan that we were a side to fight against.

They started winning the footy out of the middle, with a little constructive talk through there.

Getting it to the centre half forward over and over, but just not quite getting it together once the possession was lost. Blighty struggled all day but did not let up.

They set a motion and speed to play out a game of footy which showed in the second half.

Best ons for Blighty were, Riley Webb (thirds) who is tough as nails and Paul Waters, a 42 year-old who thinks he’s 20.

Blake Knight was brilliant down back with massive pressure, and Matt Hay had consistent pressure and tackling.

Last but not least was Ethan McLeish (thirds) who, when told to take the reins off and run like a wild brumby, took the game on like a true champion.

Final score: Final score: Blighty 0.0 (0) to Berrigan 28.19 (187).

Saturday delivered a disappointing loss for the Berrigan under-17s side.

The team played in a tremendous fashion, but seemed to be outmatched in both size and experience by Blighty.

Young fourths player Lachlan Whelan stepped up to the thirds to help Berrigan with numbers, and coaches Harley Middleton and Fraser Haintz were gobsmacked with his performance.

Dancing around opponents and delivering pin point accurate kicks to his teammates, the not yet 13 year-old Whelan was running rings around far older Blighty players.

Hamish Cameron racked up another best on performance for the Saints.

Using an array of stiff arms and acceleration variants, Cameron has become known for he heavily impacted every contest he was in the area for.

In the first quarter it was an arm wrestle, with both sides playing some good football.

Coming into the second quarter, Blighty made a couple of small changes and the boys started to find space and move the ball forward.

After the main break, the Redeyes came out focused on what they had to do and took full control of the game.

In the last quarter, Blighty just kept running and putting the pressure on Berrigan to come away with a good win.

Best on for Blighty was Bryce Lea for playing a ripper, running hard all day.

Jack Gavel again impressed, playing half back with solid defence. Riley Webb and Will Doolan also received awards for playing a great game.

Final score: Blighty 12.10 (82) to Berrigan 3.5 (23).

To kick start a brilliant day of footy in Berrigan, the fourths put on a show well worth the early morning wake up.

The young Saints finished with a 38 point win over Blighty, with a complete team effort needed to win.

The young players’ skills are greatly improving with the team now putting together many passages of play from the back 50 to the forward 50 will little error.

Berrigan’s Farron Urrutia continues to hold his place among the best players list, as another stellar performance continues his game-stopping form over the season.

Shakya Cooper deserves a mention as her determination is endless, lifting the team with her tremendous spirit and rapidly improving football IQ.

Jordan Swan looks unstoppable, having added another three goals to his season tally.

Blighty’s fourths will definitely learn from Saturday’s match up.

Better players for the Redeyes on the day were Cobi Johnson, who was in absolutely everything.

Gus Lawson showed his dominance up forward with some amazing contested marks, and his ground ball work was really good as well.

Reagan Macdonald is really starting to turn full-back into his own position. He held strong and played a brilliant game down back.

Henry Knox played a great game out of the centre and wrapped up possessions all around the ground. It was great to have him back.

Jarred Hislop had a bit of a slow start but really worked hard to get back into it towards the end of the game, stopping countless attacks into our back line.

Xander Strong had another cracking game, not stopping, giving percent and playing great football.

Final score: Blighty 3.10 (28) to Berrigan 10.6 (66).