Molnar wins Div one with 68 off the stick

Photo by Urilux


On Tuesday, May 31, the Ladies played stroke for the Monthly Medal in cold windy conditions on the Captain’s course.

Division one - Rhonda Constable net 77 , Runner up - Susan Pappas net 77 , Gross winner - Bobette Wilkinson net 89.

Division two - Julie O’Brien net 78, Runner up - Robyn Benbow net 78, Gross winner - Julie O’Brien net 103.

NTPs: 2nd - Maree Farrell, 14th - Libby Quick, 17th - Susan Pappas.

Putting competition winners were Susan Pappas and Maree Doyle.

Wednesday, June 1, with a 12 degree temperature and high winds Brett Molnar scored an amazing 68 off the stick to win Division one, with 40 stableford points.

Division one - Brett Molnar 40 points, R/U - Jason Tree 37 points, third - Michael Cooper 35 points.

Division two - Robert Rowe 38 points, R/U - Logan Taylor 38 points, third - Tommy Keogh 35 points.

Division three - John Scandrett 33 points, R/U - John Gradie 31 points, third - Philip Cheesewright 30 points, Gold Division - Phillip Lovelace 29 points.

NTPs: 2nd - Robert Rowe, 8th - Doug Pocknee, 14th - Ray Watmore, 18th - Michael Cooper.

On Saturday the competition was Stableford on the Captain’s course, from the blue tees.


Division one - Lindy Cooper 40 points, R/U - Susan Pappas 34 points.

Division two - Joan Burns 35 points, R/U - Nat Beard 29 points.


Division one - Colin Holdsworth 39 points, R/U - Stuart Hendeson 39 points, third - Michael Peters 37 points.

Division two - Grant Stewart 38 points, R/U - Hugo Janlov 38 points, third - Steven Deller 37 points.

Division three - Alan Michalowsky 33 points, R/U - Robert Burns 32 points, third - Fred Tyers 32 points, Gold Division Jeffrey Conrad 31 points.

NTPs: 2nd - Joan Burns and Chris Payne, 8th - Lindy Cooper and Peter Taylor, 14th - Leanne Marshall and Michael Cooper, 18th - Lynne Parry and David Tyquin.

Sunday saw less than 50 players brave the cold conditions for the Monthly Medal on the President’s course.


Division one - Janie Hills net 73.


Division one - Phil Nunn net 71, R/U - Liam Purtill net 74, third - Adam Purtill net 75, Gross winner - Brett Molnar net 79.

Division two - Sean Gledhill net 72, R/U - Ray Diramacca net 74, third - Nev Finn net 78, Gross winner - Sean Gledhill net 87.

Division three - Marika Saisai net 73, R/U - John Gradie net 77, third - Philip Cheesewright net 77, Gross winner - Marika Saisai net 97, Gold Division - Doug McClelland net 78.

NTPs: 2nd - Janie Hills and Arthur Gledhill, 8th - Michael Cooper, 14th - Michael Cooper, 18th - James Sacco.

Monthly Medal winner - Phil Nunn net 71.


Wednesday’s ladies were sponsored by Barbers Shoex for stroke/round one of match play.

The daily winner was Maree Doyle with 101/25/76 , with ball winners Beth White 103/25/78 and Janet Delmenico 104/24/80 c/b.

Putting was won by Anne Harding with 29 putts on c/b.

Match winners on the day were Maree Doyle, Helen Wastle, Janet Delmenico and Sharon Pyle, who all advanced to the next round.

Men's Wednesday Stableford was won by Billy Smith.

Ball winners were Douglas Smith 34 points and Robert Daniel 33 points.

Thursday's nine hole comp winner was Colin McNamara with 18 points c/b.

Ball winner was the other half of the c/b, Leo McNamara, also with 18 points.

Saturday's stroke event was sponsored by Marks Trimming.

The men's winner was John Taylor 80/9/71, and ball winners were Paul Beaver 88/15/73, Colin McNamara 85/9/76 c/b, Barry Fahey 110/34/76 c/b.

NTP on the 18th went to Colin McNamara.

In the ladies event, Sharon Pyle was the winner 93/17/76.

Ball winner was Heather Daniel 101/23/78 who also collected the putting with 30 putts.

Sunday it was decided by the members to be a good day to stay warm and dry at home.