First win for Coly seniors

Seniors players Curtis Steele and Blake Argus were strong all day.

After stringing together four strong quarters, the Coleambally Blues’ first grade side won their first game for the season.

They got up over Barellan by 29 points, playing away.

With a powerful display from forward Blake Argus in kicking three goals, a dominant effort in the mid field by Bryce Hooper and Curtis Steele, plus a consistent set of defensive play from the backline, Coleambally stopped Barellan’s run all day with a much stronger effort around the stoppages.

Goals: Blake Argus 3, Kyle Woods, Jade Hodge 2, Curtis Steele 2 and Max Hillier 1.

Best players: Bryce Hooper, Blake Argus, James Buchanan, Chris Hayes, Luke Hillier and Curtis Steele.

Awards: DeMamiel Bros BP Fuel - Blake Argus; Tim’s Meats - Chris Hayes; Coleambally Community Club 1%er Managers Award - James Buchanan; MAS Ag Work Player’s Player Mug - Blake Argus.

Final score: Coleambally 10.12 (72) def Barellan 6.7 (43).

Seniors player James Buchanan at his reliable best.

The reserves narrowly missed out on sharing the seniors success on Saturday.

Goals: Chase Neutze 3, Dan Collier 1, Blake Goudie 1 and Liam Horton 1.

Best players: Blake Goudie, Luke Schulz, George Payne, Chase Neutze, Jack Weymouth-Smith and Liam Horton.

Awards: DeMamiel Bros BP Fuel - Blake Goudie; Tim’s Meats - George Payne; Coleambally Community Club - Luke Schulz; Coly Servo BP 1%er - Chase Neutze; Richland Wine Battler - Nathan Hodgson; Mack Insurance Player’s Player Mug - Blake Goudie.

Final score: Coleambally 6.11 (47) def by Barellan 8.2 (50).

Senior Netball:

A-grade: Up

Awards: Strathmerton Drilling Player’s Player Glass - Giaan Cullen; Coly Club Umpire’s Award - Jemma Pound.

A-reserve: Up

Awards: Morundah Hotel Player’s Player Glass - Charlotte Young; Coly Community Bank Umpires Award - Charlotte Young.

B-grade: Down

Awards: AgnVet Player’s Player Glass - Kristy Payne; Coly Club Coaches Award - Regan Cullen.

C-grade: Up

Awards: Yenda Prods Grain Player’s Player Glass - Tess Mader; Coly Irrigation Coaches Award - Bronwyn Aplin.

South West Juniors Netball:

Under-11s: Down

Awards: Pound Farming - Breanna Witham; Canteen Award/Player’s Player - Maddie Pound.

Under-13s: Up

Awards: Coly Hi-Trac - Jessie Pound; Coly Club - Chloe DeMamiel.

Under-15s vs Silver: Up

Awards: Coffee Nest - Pia Fattore; Player’s Player/Club Award - Hannah Pound.

Under-15s vs White: Down

Awards: Coffee Nest - Hannah Pound; Player’s Player/Club Award - Alana Jones.

SWJ Football:

Under-11s: Down

Awards: Wilson Spreading Coach’s Footy Award - Tom DeMamiel; Coly Earthmoving Canteen Award - Blake Pound.

Under-13s: Down

Awards: Pound Farming - Alex Pound; Coly Community Club - Marcus Star.

Under-15s: Down

Awards: Nutrient Ag - Hayden Gilmont; Coly Community Club - Archie Boag.

The senior footballers and netballers play at home this weekend, hosting the Jets.

On July 9, the juniors are at home against Griffith Red (Home)

Claim the date: Casserole Family Fun Night - Saturday, July 16 following the Termora games.