Cats too good for Cobram...again

A-grade: Finley 51 def Cobram 27.

Finley’s A-grade were keen to hit the court this week, having their full squad together again for the first time in weeks.

Similar to week one, the girls were met with a physical and determined Cobram side.

They didn’t let this get to them, and had a strong first half.

While the third quarter saw the side unravel, the final quarter saw the girls take control and settle back into their game again.

The whole team strived to give 100 per cent throughout the whole game, and this showed in both the attacking and defending, resulting in clean passages of play and multiples turnovers.

Shania Bentley again worked tirelessly in GA, being a key link between the centre court and goal circle, earning herself the Marshall Ag Repairs Best on Court award.

Katie Archer’s determination and drive in the defensive circle saw her receive the Country Club award.

B-grade: Finley 41 def by Cobram 52.

Finley’s B-grade girls came out and gave Cobram a run for their money.

There were great passages of play through the midcourt and, being patient with passes into the ring, they made sure every opportunity counted.

The Cats’ defence made Cobram work hard for their goals, with some great positioning and deflects.

At half-time and only down by one, Finley were in with a chance.

But the third quarter let them down, as the momentum slipped and they could not regain it. Down by seven going into the last quarter, the side just couldn’t fight back.

Awards: Eagle I Machinery - Amarlee Price; Daisy Mae’s voucher - Courtney Lunn.

C-reserve: Finley 82 def Cobram 14.

This round the girls went out looking to perfect a few things they had been working on at training, and they did that and more!

The strongest first quarter for the season and a dominant second, with countless intercepts in defence, saw the team score an impressive 45 goals by half time.

Strong leads at the centre pass and perfection with her feeding into the ring saw the Riverina Fresh Best on Court go to Kirsty Clarke.

Finley Pilates and Clinical Myotherapy award went to Paula Gowans who continues to amaze us with her shooting accuracy, rebounding prowess and her sixth sense of where to give a quick pass to fool the defenders.

Under-17s: Finley 43 def Cobram 26.

The girls went out today with a positive mindset and destined to win.

There was great shooting, amazing defence and the midcourters at both ends did a great job.

Tocumwal Golf Resort Award went to Sarah Bauer for working both ends of the court, and the Finley Bakery Award went to Alyssa Denny for achieving intercepts in WD.

Under-15s: Finley 13 def by Cobram 33.

We came into the game hoping to beat Cobram after a close last game, but unfortunately it wasn’t our day, being outplayed by a much-improved Cobram side.

The Finley side tried very hard, with some great set plays, intercepts and drives down court.

A new combination in the defence end played well, and the midcourt worked tirelessly.

Finley’s goalers had a tough day against the Tigers’ very strong defenders.

Awards: Finley Bakery - Melina Sneddon; FFNC Canteen - Charlotte Fleming.

Under-13s: Finley 17 draw Cobram 17.

The under-13s played their best game of the season against an evenly matched Cobram.

The girls came out firing and it was even for most of the game.

Despite their best efforts in an absolute nail biter, it ended up a draw at the final siren.

Amelia Hay was best on court (Finley Bakery) with her strong defensive pressure and multiple intercepts, while Sophie Urquhart received the FFNC Canteen award for her solid game in centre and great drives in the midcourt.

Under-11s: Not scored.

It was a fantastic effort by the girls, with every single one of them playing amazingly.

Their team work was incredible, bringing the ball down the court, and their defensive pressure caused countless intercepts.ards: Finley Bakery award - Alison Orwin; FFNC Canteen - Grace Mueller.