Best advice for movie maker

Aaron Wilson on the set of Little Tornadoes.

Movie director Aaron Wilson credits his Finley High School teacher for the success of his new movie Little Tornadoes.

Mr Wilson says it was the life-changing advice from his art teacher Jacquie Crapp (nee Brentnall) that gave him the courage to follow his dreams.

“Ms Crapp’s advice has always stuck with me. She said there is value in art, and we need to live in a world where we can tell our stories through art,” he said.

After completing his engineering degree at university, Mr Wilson followed his passion and began telling stories through film, after writing and directing his latest creation Little Tornadoes.

“I have always wanted to tell stories. In this film, I wanted to explore the idea of what it may have been like for a migrant to come to rural Australia, and to talk about the impact trauma has on generations of families,” he said.

Little Tornadoes is set in the 1970s and focuses on a newly single father, Leo, who is struggling to deal with change. Meanwhile, new immigrant Maria endeavours to find her place in a foreign land.

Little Tornadoes is written from the heart and connects with Australian audiences.

The film is co-written by Christos Tsiolkas (author of The Slap) and stars Mark Leonard Winter and Silvia Colloca.

Director of photography is award-winning Stefan Duscio, who hails from nearby Cobram.

Mr Wilson also allowed local talent to be involved in the production of the film and features Brian Simpson, Ross Whittaker, Craig Hendy, Max Parsons, Marissa Daly, and Amy Batten.