Drest-ined for greatness

By Daniel Hughes

Berrigan teenager Tristan Doyle's music career is about to skyrocket after being recognised as one of Australia's most talented young musicians.

His song 'Juveniles' is gaining exposure through Triple J's Unearthed initiative, which has launched the careers of a number of Australia artists.

The 18 year-old, who goes by the stage name Drest, has been writing songs and playing the guitar and keyboard since he was about eight.

With the Triple J selection under his belt, his career is now gaining momentum.

He is expected to announce some shows in Melbourne soon, and will next week release a new single, 'Skiddin'.

Despite his recent success, Tristan is humbled by his career progression but understands that in order to make it, he must progress parallel with the technological era and continue to expand his knowledge.

"It's only started being good music since I was 16 I think, and even now I look back and question it's quality," he said with a laugh.

"I've only been writing raps for a couple years but it's something I've always been inspired by. I don't specifically make rap all the time; I like to sing a bit and be experimental with my instruments and stuff too.

"Learning to use things like Ableton Live and Logic Pro on my computer changed my songwriting process so much, as well as learning the engineering side of it. It's dope to see the progress.

"I don't know if I'd call it a career yet though. I'd say I'm still beginning, putting in the work so that one day it can be a career."

Tristan may only be starting out, but he can attest that it only takes one radio DJ to play your song for it to make a difference.

"Triple J's Unearthed was my first radio play, and I also got into the top songs for that week too. It hit the charts, so that was incredible," he said.

"It also opened me up to get played on Triple J a handful of times since then, which has really boosted my music and audience, and has further opened up other stations around Australia bumping my song too which is crazy to think about."

Tristan said his progress so far is thanks to his friends, family and the community for providing him with support.

"I was on the bus home and this dude I haven't talked to for a while called me and was playing my song.

"I didn't think too much of it and I was like 'oh thanks man for bumping my song, that's cool as'. He cut me off and says 'No bro you don't understand, I'm listening to Triple J right now' and we both full on flipped out.

"Crazy stuff like that has been happening lately, and it's so cool to just take in the love."

The key for Tristan so far has been making his music as accessible as possible for all music lovers, with his new single 'Skiddin' due to be released to Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

The ultimate goal for Tristan is to hear his songs on the famed Triple J Hottest 100.

"To make the Triple J Hottest 100 is a dream, even the 200 but I feel like I'm a little way off that yet.

"It would be insane and a huge highlight for me; it's one of my more long term goals that I have!"

For more on Drest's music and his upcoming shows, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter (@kid_drest) and Facebook.