Romance among the dancers

By Daniel Hughes

Although the audience at Dancing with the Stars saw many dance couples take a knee throughout their routine on Saturday, it was a non-dancer who stole the show when he knelt down.

Gary Carr, who was in attendance on the night for his technical expertise, carried out his secret plan to propose to his now fiance, Tiarna Giddings, getting down on one knee in front of the large crowd. 

The night saw all the twists and turns on the hardwood but none except Gary and one other saw the proposal coming.

"It was probably about a month out when I had the idea and I didn’t end up asking Jane Harris until the week of, I was really just waiting for the ring to turn up before I booked everything in," Mr Carr said.

"Just Jane Harris was in on it, it surprised everybody including the contestants so we kept a lid on it really well."

Mr Carr may have had a huge responsibility on the night in the side room of the Finley RSC, but that didn't stop from the nerves creeping in throughout the intervals.

"I was fairly nervous throughout the night but it never got the better of me because I had to focus a lot on what was going on," Mr Carr said.

Gary and Tiarna have been dating for nearly three years now and have received some mixed feelings from friends and family since last Saturday night.

"Family and friends were saying “about time” and others were genuinely surprised," he commented.

"She (Tiarna) was very surprised, she thought I was going to do it in Hawaii at our work conference next week and so did our friends and family.

"We had talked about getting married previously but never with much immediate thought to it. There were inklings I was going to propose in Hawaii but I wanted to do it with friends and family around rather than strangers."