Growers to join in orchard walks

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Orchard walks for fruit growers will be held this week. Photo by Megan Fisher

Two Goulburn Valley orchards will host the Future Orchards Winter Series this week.

APAL Future Orchards walks will be joined by South African pome fruit specialists Willie Kotze, Peter Allderman and Nigel Cook.

The winter series will focus on reviewing the past season’s crop as well as techniques, inputs and systems to address production targets locally.

There will also be discussions around technical advances and best tree management techniques.

Silver Orchards at 131 Prentice Rd, Orrvale will host a walk on Thursday, June 16 from 10am to 1pm.

The walk aims to review the recent harvests, discuss targets for the coming season and identify and discuss inputs that are required to meet those targets.

There will be an opportunity to discuss management inputs including crop protection, soil health management, leaf blowers and vigour control.

Breakfast will be provided.

Valley Star at 1337 Cosgrove-Lemnos Rd, Lemnos, will host a walk on Friday, June 17 from 9am to 10.30am.

The specialised pear orchard walk will discuss inputs and management options for producing first-class pears.

There will be discussions surrounding pruning and nutrition to set and meet harvest targets.

To register for the Silver Orchards walk, follow the link:

To register for the Valley Star walk, follow the link: