Supplements can boost profitability

Improving dairy cattle performance is at the forefront of every producer’s mind.

Performance Feeds says it believes that nutritional supplementation is often the missing piece of the puzzle for producers looking to take their herd’s performance to the next level.

You will often hear that an engine is only as good as the fuel you put into it, so why should livestock be approached differently?

Year-round nutrition planning and implementation is a key driver in delivering results for dairy cattle producers. By working alongside producers, the team at Performance Feeds customise nutrition programs that fit in with existing production systems and seasonal feed availability.

Anipro Liquid Supplements is a molasses-based supplement that has been deigned to provide protein, minerals, and trace vitamins to dairy cattle, complementing the pasture or forage that they are consuming. The vitamins and minerals in Anipro will promote greater immunity in a herd, stronger hooves and reduce the stress of calving.

One of the benefits of Anipro, is the slow-release nitrogen and calcium source (RumaPro®) that promotes efficient microbial growth. The RumaPro® advantage optimises rumen function and increases an animal’s appetite up to 27 per cent. An increase in appetite and rumen function help to convert feed into milk more efficiently, boosting a producer’s production and profitability.

An added benefit of Anipro is that it focuses on consumption control. By not over feeding nutritional supplements, producers will reduce their costs and optimise their results. Each program is tailored to ensure that stock consume the desired quantity for maximum results. Distributors take into consideration forage type and availability, stocking rates and crucial phases of production ie. joining, lactation and calving.

Anipro Liquid Supplements is a fully serviced product, that allows producers to sit back while Performance Feeds’ team of trained distributors deliver Anipro to your paddock.

By balancing essential nutrients and optimising the function of the rumen, Anipro will help to maintain consistent growth paths, reduce weight loss, and improve milk production.

To find out more or to talk to your local Anipro distributor, visit or call 1800 300 593.