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Discover what’s available across the Edward River

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Deniliquin’s central business district is another collection of Deniliquin businesses and services that form the North Deniliquin network.

The majority of these businesses line Davidson St, which is a main thoroughfare into the Deniliquin township.

But in hidden pockets of Victoria St, Hay Rd, Finley Rd, Albert St and Augustus St in particular, there is a vibrant variety of industry and retail you may not know about.

North Deniliquin is a hub for Deniliquin’s agricultural industry, with four rural suppliers located between the National Bridge and the vicinity of the roundabout.

There are also mechanics, an automotive dealer, automotive parts store, locksmith, bakery, and three different service stations along the stretch.

North Deniliquin also boasts its own butcher, a hairdresser, a hotel, accommodation providers and industry professionals who deal in construction, steel and wool brokering.

There’s also Deniliquin North School and North Deni is home to some of the most sought after real estate parcels of land with river frontage.

A beautiful feature of North Deniliquin is a section of the Deniliquin Regional Park, opposite Willoughby’s Beach, which is known colloquially by long-term locals as ‘the logs’, and the Brick Kiln Creek which runs under Davidson St at the northern end and supplies a wetland situated behind the school.

The rest stop on Davidson St provides facilities for visitors, and is now also home to the Deniliquin & District Transport Industry wall of fame and memorial wall.