Help with irrigation decisions

Guidelines to help with irrigation system decisions have been updated on the Agriculture Victoria website. Photo by Simon Bingham

The Irrigation System Selection and Design Guidelines website has been updated with new information.

The website is easily navigated and has a broad range of helpful resources including new instructional videos, animations, podcasts, drone footage, information notes and case studies to maximise an irrigator’s ability to access information.

Farm and Environment Working Group chair Alfred Heuperman recently launched the Irrigation System Selection Risk Management tool at a function in Tatura.

Agriculture Victoria’s Rabi Maskey said the web-based tool would help irrigators and service providers to make better decisions when selecting new, or considering improvements to their existing irrigation systems.

“The updated website provides answers to more than 90 frequently asked questions, packaged under five key steps and will guide users through a logical decision-making process,” Mr Maskey said.

The website has been tested with potential target audiences, including service providers and irrigators.

The five steps consider:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What are my farm’s features and constraints?
  • What irrigation options should I consider?
  • What needs to be included in my design and management and what will it cost?
  • What option best meets my goal?

Mr Maskey said each of the steps included details and descriptions to help users in their decision-making process, in an easy-to-follow approach.

“Ultimately, it is our aim that irrigators will be better informed when making decisions on what irrigation system best suits their needs and assist them to better manage their irrigation risks,” he said.

The updated tool can be accessed at: