Toc draw blood against Rennie

A-grade Shooter Katrina Chellew, shot beautifully on the weekend to assist her side with a win over Rennie. Photo by Helen Barker.

A-grade: Tocumwal 53 def Rennie 38.

It was a great win for Tocumwal’s A-grade at the weekend!

It’s fantastic to see some training strategies take place on the court.

A full team effort for four quarters. Keep it up!

Awards: Cash Incentive – Renee Phelan; Haynes Butchery $20 voucher – Hannah Paganoni.

B-grade: Tocumwal 42 def Rennie 28.

Awesome win girls!

There was fantastic pressure all over the court, great accuracy in goals and brilliant rebounding both defensively and offensively.

Awards: Cash Incentive – Tanya Saraikin; Toc Skin and Beauty $20 voucher – Tamara Bate.

C-grade: Tocumwal 24 def by Rennie 54.

Tough luck girls, but we all played a hard-fought game.

We had a very strong last quarter, let’s build on that!

Awards: Baldwin’s buses $12 Thursday night dinner – Chloe Laffan; Rusties $20 voucher – Lauren Almond.

C-reserve: Tocumwal 29 def Rennie 24.

Great win girls! Let’s all get to training a get another one on the board.

Awards: Wingates $20 voucher – Lynsie Reid; Wandana Farms $12 Thursday night dinner - Leanne Laffan.

Under-17s: Tocumwal 25 def by Rennie 57.

The girls tried their hardest against a tough opposition.

They didn’t give up and that’s all you can do in a difficult situation.

Awards: IGA $10 voucher – Hayley Palmer; Toc News and Lotto $10 canteen voucher – Jessica Bennett.

Under-15s: Tocumwal 10 def by Rennie 47.

The girls gave it their all against the top side. They didn’t give up and got some momentum toward the end of the game.

Awards: Toc News and Lotto $10 canteen voucher – Olivia Campbell; JAWS $20 cash award – Katie John.

Under-13s: Tocumwal 2 def by Rennie 37.

After a slow start, the girls came back and played well for the remainder of the game.

The scoreline did not reflect the girl’s game and we were all very proud that they didn’t drop their heads, but kept putting in 100 per cent until the final whistle.

Awards: Foreshore Café $10 voucher – Mia Owen; Toc Ice Creamer $10 voucher – Milly Beatt.

Under-11s: Not scored.

It was a tough morning for our minis in the cold and fog, against a strong opposition. The girls persevered and worked hard all game.

Awards: Toc Ice Creamery $10 voucher – Lila Haynes; Toc News and Lotto $10 canteen voucher – Bridie Dawes.

Results from the Friday night Yarrawonga Competition:

Toc Red 11 drew with Yarra Homers 11.

What a great game. The girls all played well ending the game with a draw.

Awards: IGA $10 voucher – Adelaide Haley; Kelly’s creations award – Shayla Hicks; Wingates $5 voucher – Imogen Jones.

Toc White 3 def by Bears Maroon 35

A good effort by all the girls against a well-oiled opposition.

Awards: IGA $10 voucher – Phoebe Henneberry; Kelly’s creations – Ava East; Wingates $5 voucher – Ruby Baldwin.