Dees fight hard against Deni

Netball Series Photo by s-c-s

A-grade: Jerilderie 47 def Deni Rovers 38.

We are starting to prepare for a chance in finals, and this game against a strong Deni side was a good test.

Credit to the defence who kept many opportunities alive for attack end to utilise.

BOC Jerilderie Grain Handling and Storage went to Ellie Marshall, who wasn’t feeling 100 percent but gave it her all.

Also much credit to Tanya Rorato who came out strong all game from the centre pass, with smooth movement in the ring.

Amy Perry was given the Colony Inn Award for guiding the whole team, and assisting Brooke Mitchell and Ella Arnold successfully during any defensive turn overs.

Keshia Marshall also received a Colony Inn Award for giving it her all in the mid court, running out a whole game in centre and working effortlessly with Sara Smith to feed the ball into our attack.

C-grade: Jerilderie 32 def by Deni Rovers 64.

It was good to see some of our key players back this week, but we were no match for a very slick Deni team.

The side fought the game right out and showed that this group just never stops competing.

Tianni Given got the Lawton Spraying BOC, Abbey A'Vard the Laura's Beauty Pack and young gun Jess Wilkinson was among the best and got the Colony Inn Award.

Let’s finish the year off with a couple of wins ladies.

C-reserve: Jerilderie 43 def by Deni Rovers 53.

It was a battle of the top two teams, with Deni coming out on top by eight.

They jumped us early but, as the ladies have done all year, we adjusted our play on the run to match Deni in second half.

Awards: Jerilderie Earthworks BOC - Sarah Gurcuillio; Colony Inn - Gemma Robinson; Jerilderie Muscle Therapy - Laura Ham.

Under-15s: Jerilderie 25 def by Deni Rovers 35.

Jerilderie had a hard, physical game against Rovers.

There was some good positioning and driving for the ball by Chelsea Winn (Mungos Repairs) and Ruby Nesseen (Colony Inn).

Miley Conn (Magic Scissors) was solid in defence getting many intercepts and turnovers.

The whole team played some of their best netball and are looking good heading into finals.

Under-13s: Jerilderie 6 def by Deni Rovers 62.

Deni proved too strong and showed why they are the top team.

It was pleasing to see the girls play the game right out.

Despite the loss, the signs are there that improvement is there in reading the play and working together to create space.

Awards: Jerilderie Tyre Service BOC - Zara Williams; Jerilderie Newsagent - Ruby Neessen; Colony Inn Award - Teagan Aylett.