Cats claw hard against Cobram

Finley thirds player Harry Haynes in action on Saturday.

Finley hosted Cobram on Saturday in their Round 12 clash.

The match was played in front of a large crowd with many attending the 1982 Premiership reunion luncheon.

The Cats were forced to make numerous changes to the starting lineup with Nick Robertson, Tim Robertson, William Robertson and Frazer Neate unavailable.

The selectors turned to youth, including Lenny Dattoli, Lucas Jones and Ed Haynes. Paddy Waugh was also called up as a sub.

The home side started well, with Lachy Hawkins controlling the ruck duel.

Benji Neal looked dangerous around the packs and signalled his intent early in the game with a clever goal off the pack, 10 minutes into the first term.

Charlie Ford, Angus Robertson and Isaac Corvo played their role well with Robertson playing on the last line of defence.

Archie Mason and Izac Artavilla provided an intriguing contest on the wing with both young players having periods of dominance.

The Cats could not stop the even spread of the Tigers, who continually looked to take the game on and create overlap, which proved difficult for the defence.

Ed Haynes goaled late the the second term to register the Cats’ third goal, cutting the margin to 64 points at the long break.

The Cobram machine then slipped into top gear and showed why they sit undefeated on top of the ladder.

Consecutive seven goal terms saw Finley trying valiantly to stem the flow of attacking moves.

Waugh and Dettoli combined late in the last term to deliver an exciting goal.

This provided the faithful supporters with a glimpse of what the future holds at the Cattery.

Best players: Angus Robertson, Charlie Ford, Isaac Corvo, Benji Neal, Lachy Hawkins and Sam Hatty.

Final score: Finley 4.8 (32) to Cobram 25.7 (157).

With 14 players unavailable, the reserves still managed to take the field with a full side, thanks to the help of a few of the thirds boys.

Spencer Hawkins put on a clinic with a dominant display in the ruck teeing up with Paddy Russell, Joe Bromage and Nath Denny in the middle, to get clearance after clearance.

Wayward kicking in front of goal once again cost Finley the lead in the first half.

From then on, Cobram’s dominance around the outside proved to much for the gallant Cats.

Captain Sammy Price worked like a war horse in defence with great support from Davey Conrick, Zye Tredway and Mr Consistant, Cam Isedale.

Shaun Kable battled hard on one leg in the forward line and Marcus Anderson gave us a great target to kick to clunking everything that came his way.

Final score: Finley 2.11 (23) to Cobram 17.13 (115).

The young thirds, who sit sixth on the Murray League ladder, took on fourth placed Cobram in what looked to be a mouth watering contest.

The first quarter saw a strong defensive contest as Finley hit the scoreboard early and Cobram fighting back to see the score 1.0 (6) to 1.1 (7).

The second quarter saw the Cats take the ascendency.

Co-captain Liam Rafferty gave first use to Cruz Nash, who was back to his silky best, and Matt Whelan who has put together a huge month of football.

Harry Boyd was mopping up any crumbs they left behind, to show he is amongst the side’s best midfielders.

Lenny Dattoli was amongst the goals, as was Jonty King to see the scores 5.1 (31) to 1.1 (7).

The half-time talk was all about team, and Harvey Sneddon proved his selflessness putting in multiple leads. Creating space behind him, it allowed for another two goals for the quarter.

Jack Hay and Harry Haynes were creating headaches on the wings to see the scores 7.2 (44) to 2.2 (14).

Co-captain Harrison King was the general down back, controlling, directing and supporting Jordan Sykes, Isaac Lunn, George Koschel and Patrick Waugh as they allowed their opposition zero space.

Cruz got amongst the goals and was supported by Adam Brown and Jack Koschel as they continued their forward pressure at every opportunity.

Riley Sutton, Roree Wallis, Shane Chellew and Nathan Brown played their roles whilst James McNamara and Reece Simmons played in multiple positions to show their versatility.

Best players were L Rafferty, M Whelan, C Nash, H Boyd, H Sneddon, J Hay.

Goals: L Dattoli 3, C Nash 3, J King 2, L Rafferty, M Whelan.

Final score: Finley 10.3 (63) to Cobram 4.6 (30).

It was a tough match for the Finley fourths on Saturday, against a top team in Cobram.

The boys have been focusing on their own play and what they can do to help the team.

This led to awesome pressure and control of the game in the first quarter.

Unfortunately, the Cats didn't take full advantage of their dominance with inaccurate kicking.

The better contributors were Elijah Everingham, Campbell Reynolds, Kade Pyle, Robbie Gowans, Harry Daniel and Patrick Billings.

The on ball brigade in Sam Hurlston, Doug Billings and Jackson Tooke battled hard all day, keeping the boys in the hunt for as long as possible.

Final score: Finley 1.8 (14) to Cobram 10.8 (68).