Tigers launch strategic plan survey

Rochester review: An online survey was launched at the weekend to provide the basis of a review being conducted by Rochester Football Netball Club as part of the club’s development of a strategic plan. Photo: Bruce Povey Photo by Bruce Povey

An 18-question online survey is being used to launch a review of Rochester Football Netball Club with the intention of developing a Strategic Plan for the organisation.

The review is being launched on the back of more than six months of planning and discussions and is spearheaded by a 10-member Strategic Plan panel.

Club president Jeff Bright, who launched the survey at the weekend, said the survey was available to absolutely anyone who had had anything to do with the club, in the past or at present.

“In fact, I hope even people who simply live in the surrounding area and have an opinion on the club take the time to complete the survey,” he said.

Mr Bright said the review and Strategic Plan comprised a proactive move by the club to identify its direction for the next five years.

The survey will be available online for a month. It was designed by the 10 members of the Strategic Plan panel, which includes members of the business community with a range of expertise.

“We would like to have some good data available from the survey,” Mr Bright, president of the club for the past three years, told the Campaspe News.

The club will conduct the review, and seek feedback, on several fronts. Among those are its facilities, community engagement, player development and financial viability.

“One of the goals is to become more involved in the community,” Mr Bright said.

"Ultimately our focus will be driven by players, members, the community and supporters of the club. The survey will give everyone the opportunity to have input into areas to be included in our Strategic Plan,“ he said.

Mr Bright said the club saw the review as a tremendous opportunity for everyone to have an input to the club’s future direction.

Mr Bright said not all members of the Strategic Plan panel were football people

“We have a lawyer, business people and others from a range of backgrounds.

"This has been ticking away in the background for a while.

“We’ve had no issues or a situation that has brought it about, we simply thought it was a good opportunity for us to have a more in-depth look at our organisation,” he said.

He said the decision to step up and undertake this work had been made, in part, on the back of the success of other clubs.

"I’ve been talking to Matt Lake (Moama Football Netball Club president) about what they did. There are other clubs who have conducted similar reviews,’’ he said.

Mr Bright said developing some short and long-term plans for the club for the next one, three and five years were major goals of the review.

“It is based more around community engagement and overall success. Not so much on-field success.

“We are in a financially sound position on the back of some good work from our sponsorship committee. This review will give us the feedback we need to move into the future,” he said.

Mr Bright said there was a link and QR code to the survey available on the Rochester Football Netball Club Facebook page.

The link is