Police pay students a visit

By Southern Riverina News

The dangers of social media was impressed on students at Tocuwal Public School last week in a special Child Protection Week initiative.

Murray River Police District youth liaison officer Senior Constable Paul Ebsworth covered the stranger danger topic with each class when visiting the school, including the ‘No Go Tell’ initiative, as well as cyber bullying.

Students from Year 3 to 6 also p[articipating in a series of safety webinars hosted by the eSafety Commission.

The online session, entitled ‘Be an eSafe kid: privacy and security’, included what to do if a stranger approaches you online, what not to share online and the age requirements to use various social media and gaming platforms.

“Children are accessing social media and the internet at a younger and younger age, and it is vital that they are aware of how to keep themselves and their information safe online,” Toc Public principal Darren White said.

“Students were told of the consequences for bullying and harassment online and how that data is out there forever for future schools and employers to access.

“They were also informed about what happens to your photos and information when you agree to a various platforms terms and conditions.”