Going on a bear hunt

By Daniel Hughes

Finley’s going on a bear hunt, joining in on the Australia-wide craze encouraging young families to stay healthy.

The initiative is intended to distract from the Coronavirus pandemic, and reached Finley last week thanks to Stephanie Price who urged other members of the community to take part.

Within a matter of hours, more than 20 willing participants were sharing their enthusiasm.

Mrs Price was overwhelmed with the response and already has her children lining up at the door for round two of their bear hunt.

“I knew I had some friends that would get on board, but it did get a better reception than I expected.

“Some local grandparents and members of the broader community were willing to get involved as well.

“I have six children who are going to be home for what looks like will be a really long time, and I thought this was a nice, simple way for lots of people to get involved without too much effort.

“We went for a drive yesterday and there are already lots out and about.

“I hope people run with the idea and we end up seeing some really fun creative displays.”

Clues on where to find the bears are being shared via Facebook, and Mrs Price said the opportunity to create a display is as much fun and finding the others.

“I think because it’s so easy people are more than happy to jump in on the fun, and it will be great for the kids,” she said.

“My children are already asking when we can go out and check again.

“We used my son’s old Hawthorn teddy. We dressed it up as a girl, and made a swing for it to hang from our front tree.

“My son now thinks it looks ridiculous, but we had fun doing it.

“I encourage everyone to get on board; let’s enjoy it.”