SRN’s Carol Kennedy announced as Finley Show - Personality

By Daniel Hughes

Finley Show secretary Carol Kennedy was bestowed an unsuspectingly extraordinary honour from the show committee on Sunday.

Much to her surprise Mrs Kennedy was named the 2019 Show Personality.

Carol now joins a long list of Finley show personality alumni, becoming the 18th person selected for the role.

She takes the reins from the 2018 Finley show personality, Aimee Snowden.

Mrs Kennedy was under the impression going into the afternoon that there would be no show personality this year as she hadn't heard anything of who it was going to be.

She added that she is humbled and "very happy" in her recognition for all the work she does in the lead up, during and after the event.

"It was an honour and a privilege to wear the medallion and to support the show society," Mrs Kennedy said.

"I had forgotten about the Show Personality and couldn’t think who Matt (Mueller), the president, might have chosen, I certainly didn’t think it would be me."

The main responsibilities of the show personality is to promote the Show Society and the annual show.

The Finley Show will be held at the showgrounds on Sunday, September 1.

The show office will be open from 10am on Tuesday, August 27.

Please check the closing times for each section as they vary for example photography is to be in by 4.30pm Thursday.