John Deere adds new models

John Deere has expanded its 6R Series tractor range. Photo by Alexander Ehhalt

Australian producers now have greater choice of horsepower in the mid-size tractor range, with John Deere announcing the addition of new 6R 140, 6R 150, 6R 165 and 6R 185 models to its proven 6R Series stable.

Available to order now, the new models deliver more horsepower across a number of frame choices, allowing customers to choose the right power-to-weight ratio for their unique requirements, to maximise the productivity and profitability of their operation.

John Deere Australia/New Zealand’s Stephanie Gersekowski said the 6R tractors’ ability to deliver in tough conditions made them the ideal solution for a diverse number of operations.

“The 6R is the next step up from John Deere’s popular 6M tractor, and provides customers with more power and more comfort, while the addition of these four models now also offers more choice in each power range,” Ms Gersekowski said.

“These new models have been built strong and smart to be a versatile and reliable workhorse, and feature increased power capacity on the smaller frame models, while the Hydraulic Intelligent Power Management feature provides an extra 20 to 40 horsepower for hydraulic applications.

“With Intelligent Power Management, the 6R 150 and 6R 165 tractors deliver up to 177 and 213 maximum horsepower in tough operating conditions — such as heavy transport, power take-off or hydraulic applications — making them especially suited to hay and livestock operations.”

Enhanced technology and style

Operators will be able to harness the value of precision ag technology in the new 6R Series tractors, with all models equipped from the factory with a 4G JDLink connection (modem). All models come with AutoTrac guidance.

Ms Gersekowski said once machines were activated in the John Deere operations centre, machine and field data would flow to the owner’s operations centre account, free of charge.

Like the 6M Series, critical machine information displays have been moved from the steering column to an easy-to-read digital display that’s now located on the tractor’s cornerpost.

Tailored for livestock and hay

The 6R tractors can be enhanced with the addition of an optional new John Deere loader technology package, which has been specifically developed to assist livestock and hay operators to do more work in less time.

“The package includes reconfigurable loader joystick with an integrated reverser so operators can set their preferences and easily manage the direction of the tractor at the touch of a button,” Ms Gersekowski said.

“When equipped with the optional large hydraulic pump, cycle times are improved compared to previous models and help time-poor operators.”

The Loader Technology Package includes a Dynamic Weighing System (DWS), along with Level to Horizon (LTH) and Return to Position (RTP) features.

DWS can weigh loads on the go, as opposed to the tractor needing to be stopped, and also rules out the need for a feeder wagon scale.

Using LTH, operators can quickly level an attachment parallel to the ground to avoid spilling material while travelling across uneven ground, while the RTP automatically returns the loader to a predefined boom and bucket position for fast, easy loading of material at repeated heights.

This is of particular value for tasks such as loading feed wagons or trailer beds.

For more information on the expanded line-up of 6R Series tractors, speak with your local John Deere dealer or visit the John Deere website.