Company seeks hay for export

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Processing hay at the export plant near Griffith.

New owners of a hay processing plant near Griffith are hoping Riverina farmers see the operation as an option for buying oaten hay.

The Standard Commodities company and a group of farmers purchased the business in December 2020, which had a chequered history in recent times, but is now re-opened and looking for hay.

The facility had been closed after an unsuccessful business partnership that had included former Wagga politician Daryl Maguire.

Standard Commodities director Bronson Livingston said although there were about 28 processing plants across Australia, the Griffith plant was the only one of any significant size in NSW.

The company is exporting to China, Korea, japan and Taiwan.

The Pyrenees Hay plant at Avoca.

Mr Livingston said there was a strong demand for good sources of metabolised energy in the dairy industry and they expected to see this continue.

Demand was strong from China, with the only difficulty in recent times in getting smooth transport arrangements.

The Griffith plant breaks down incoming bales, checks for any contamination and uses presses to create 300kg bales, which are then shipped in containers.

Mr Livingston said the establishment of the Griffith plant presented growers with options, including the opportunity to double crop after rice and with current conditions provide a chance to produce a high-quality, premium-paying hay crop.

Standard Commodities also owns Pyrenees Hay which was established at Avoca about 20 years ago.

The site has undergone significant growth and expansion, establishing a major grain receival, handling and export packing facility.

The Standard Commodities plant near Griffith is seeking more hay from Riverina farmers.