Arts tender accepted by council

By Southern Riverina News

The Berrigan Shire council has accepted a tender proposal and start reconstructing the Finley School of Arts despite a $300,000 gap in the budget.

Initial costings put the redevelopment at $345,000, but in accepted the tender last week the price was listed at $645,000.

Council said the shortfall can either be diverted from other areas, or covered by grants funding.

During the monthly meeting last week, the mood of most councillors is to simply ‘‘move forward and put the issue to bed’’.

Council was presented with four recommendations including borrowing money, deferring the project or scraping its plans all together.

Despite Cr John Taylor’s suggestion to reconsider and take a careful approach, his stance was not supported by his fellow councillors. Cr Taylor had his dissent to moving forward recorded.

Cr Denis Glanville said the issues have been going for too long and there was no point delaying the initial agreement made last year.