10 Years in Family Day Care

By Daniel Hughes

Intereach Family Day Care educator Linda Turley reached a very impressive milestone last month, reaching a very commendable 10 years in the industry.

Mrs Turley has been providing Finley children from just a couple of months old, up to seven years old in some cases, the environment to learn, play and grow their skills.

"Throughout my time I’ve had more than 130 children come through the doors from casual kids to school kids," she said.

After moving to Finley 13 years ago and starting a family of her own, Mrs Turley believed she could really make a big difference by starting her Family Day Care business.

Since then, she has watched children she has cared for transition to high school, which she said was a "really special moment" for her.

"I’ve just had the little ones grow in front of my eyes and have started high school this year, which is extra special for me to see," she said.

"We specialise in kids from a couple of months old through to five years old. We do get a couple of six and seven years old’s that will stay on because of how comfortable they are."

In an industry that can be difficult at times, Mrs Turley said thinking of the positive impact you're making on the children allows her to enjoy every minute of it.

"In the first year and a half it was really difficult for me at times, I really struggled," she added.

"I remembered how important this was for the kids, and since then I've had very happy groups - lots of fun, beautiful, wonderful kids who I’m so blessed to look after and watch grow and develop skills. It made not giving up all worth it."

Mrs Turley is constantly on the look out to advance her skillset and knowledge, undertaking essential training programs with 'Circle of Security,' who offer courses based on early intervention for parents and children's mental health.

"I try to learn in every way I can, whether it’s training modules or from listening to the parents feedback of how their child is at home and what they need extra attention with," she said.

"I also voluntarily do training modules with 'Be You', which focuses on building a mentally healthy future generation."

The learning environment Mrs Turley creates is also complimented by her attitude and why she provides the service.

"You can see that you make so much difference, especially when there are additional needs," she said.

"It's a huge responsibly, but a huge honour; one that I'm very proud of."