Trump expresses confidence on Brexit talks

By AAP Newswire

President Donald Trump says he has confidence in new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to carry out Brexit talks with the European Union.

Speaking to reporters during their first meeting since Johnson's elevation to the post, Trump says of Johnson and the talks: "He needs no advice. He's the right man for the job."

Johnson faces what he called "tough talks" in the weeks and months ahead with the EU as they hurtle toward a no-deal exit in October. He joked to Trump that "you're on message there."

Trump also appeared to speak disapprovingly of Theresa May, Johnson's predecessor, saying approvingly that the new prime minister is "a different person." Trump frequently criticised May's handling of the talks.

Trump promised that he and Johnson would work out "a very big trade deal" between their two nations once the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

When asked if he regrets escalating a trade war with China, Trump said he had "second thoughts about everything"

He told reporters "we're getting along well right now with China" despite duelling barrages of tariffs issued on Friday and a new threat to try to force US businesses to leave China.

Trump appeared to be trying to de-escalate tensions with China over concerns that a global economic slowdown could be spreading to the US.

Johnson has said one of his messages to Trump was to de-escalate the trade war.