Blessing of the Bikes to continue in Tatura

By Madeleine Byron

The All Saints Anglican Church in Tatura put the wheels in motion for a new tradition at the weekend with the town's first Blessing of the Bikes service.

The Blessing of the Bikes is a tradition from the 90s in which riders of motorcycles or bicycles are blessed by a priest in the hope that it will bring safety for future journeys.

Reverend Simba Musvamhiri said he came across The Northern Victoria Spyder Riders on their travels through Tatura.

“I have wanted to do Blessing of the Bikes for a long time and I took it as an opportunity because and I see it only fitting to host it here as the Spyder riders ride through Tatura a lot on their travels,” Rev Musvamhiri said.

While blessing the riders, Rev Musvamhiri spoke of safety, friendship and community spirit from those past and present.

“This community event is a fun afternoon for families and bike enthusiasts with a focus on road safety and spirituality,” he said.

Holy water was splashed over bikes and riders to complete the service.

Rev Musvamhiri said plans were being put in place to make Blessing of the Bikes an annual event.