GVL Trivia - Test your knowledge

By Tyler Maher

To help pass the long hours in isolation, the Goulburn Valley League — along with The News — is giving you the chance to test your knowledge and win a prize at the same time.

A 90-question trivia extravaganza on the history of the competition has been compiled, ready for you to dive in and show off your love for the league — or your superior recall ability.

On the line is a match-day Sherrin football and a season double-pass — which can be transferred to next year if necessary — to the entrant that scores the most points.

So how does it work? Simply peruse the question list below and submit your answers to [email protected] by noon on Thursday, April 16.

All questions are worth one point unless otherwise specified, with 122 on offer overall.

Watch the GVL social media pages throughout the week for more on the questions, with the answers to be published in Friday's News.


1. What year was the first Morrison Medal awarded?
2. Who won the inaugural Morrison Medal?
3. What year did the netball competition commence?
4. Who is the GVL naming rights and major sponsor?
5. What year did the hall of fame commence?
6. What year was the first TV broadcast of the grand final?
7. What other names has The Weekender been known by? (Two points)
8. What day of the week was football played in 1894?
9. What year did Deakin Reserve become the venue for all GVL grand finals?
10. What year did the under-18 competition begin?
11. Who won the inaugural under-18 grand final, and who did the winner defeat? (Two points)
12. How old is the GVL?
13. What date was the Goulburn Valley Football Association formed?
14. Who is the current chairman of the GVL board?
15. Who was the president in 1920?
16. Who was the winner of the 2009 Wellman Family Medal, and which club were they from? (Two points)
17. Who are the netball best-and-fairest medals in each grade named after? (Five points)
18. Who are the football best-and-fairest medals in each grade named after? (Three points)
19. Who is the Shepparton football club room named after?
20. Which two former North Melbourne players starred with City United? (Two points)
21. Which player won three Morrison Medals in 10 years and became the first GVL Legend?
22. Who coached the GVL team that won the inaugural Winfield Country Championship?
23. Which GVL clubs have won the seniors, seconds and thirds flags in the same year? (Two points)
24. Which Mooroopna player played with Geelong and returned home to coach the Cats?
25. Which Tatura player was the first to play 300 games in the GVL?
26. Who was the Shepparton Swans club room named after?
27. Which newspaper journalist has been writing about GVL football for 50 years?
28. Who was president of the Shepparton Football Club for 20 years?
29. Which Mooroopna Football Club president was the father of two Olympic hockey players?
30. Which Shepparton coach became well known in real estate and was Mayor of the City of Shepparton?
31. Deakin Reserve has been the home of sport, but which event had the largest crowd?
32. What is the name of the Kyabram Football Club pavilion?
33. Who coached Shepparton and then coached Richmond?
34. What family had the father and two brothers as presidents of Shepparton United and another brother as president of Mooroopna — all in premiership years?
35. Which former North Melbourne player coached four GVL clubs as well as the GVL team?
36. Who was the former Footscray player who coached in the GVL, was club president and league president?
37. Who coached Shepparton Football Club and became a member of the Victorian Parliament?
38. What is the name of the pavilion used as Shepparton United club rooms?
39. Which Footscray premiership player played in the GVL with Shepparton United and the Swans?
40. Which former Carlton player coached Tatura?
41. When Rochester entered the GVL it was coached by which former Carlton player?
42. Which Hawthorn premiership captain also coached Echuca?
43. Which former Essendon star coached Seymour Football Club?
44. When Euroa entered the GVL, the club theme song sounded the words — “and the password of the Euroa boys is kick it up to” who?
45. Which GVL president had a son who played with Melbourne and coached Freemantle?
46. Which former Geelong player coached Mooroopna and became a 3SR football commentator?
47. Which GVL umpire and Shepparton News sportswriter won the Stawell Gift?
48. Which GVL president had the senior premiership cup named after him?
49. Where did the Lemnos Football Club play home games when it entered the GVL?
50. Which two sporting codes shared the surrounds of the Mooroopna football ground? (Two points)
51. Which current GVL clubs played in the Waranga North East League? (Three points)
52. What coloured tops do the GVL representative players wear in Country Championship matches?
53. When Rochester entered the GVL the club had to change the colour of its sash from which colour to yellow?
54. How many Country Championship titles has the GVL won?
55. What do the Tongala, Murchison, Nagambie, Stanhope and Rushworth football clubs have in common?
56. Which former Melbourne player and United coach led Tongala to consecutive flags?
57. What was the club name of the Shepparton Swans when they entered the GVL?
58. Which former Fitzroy player coached a GVL club to consecutive premierships?
59. In 1962 what sporting event had the opening of the grandstand at Deakin Reserve?
60. Which GVL players have won three Morrison Medals? (Three points)
61. What was the original name of Deakin Reserve?
62. What was the name on the manual scoreboard at Deakin Reserve?
63. What is the name of the club room at Tatura Football Club?
64. Who is regarded as a legendary figure at Euroa Football Club?
65. Which player kicked more than 100 goals in each of six GVL seasons and set the record of 170 goals?
66. Which Shepparton News football reporter played with North Melbourne and Shepparton United?
67. Which former Kyabram player was GVL president when the league won the first Winfield Championship?
68. Which two former Tatura players became GVL Hall of Fame Legends? (Two points)
69. Which Hawthorn premiership player coached Kyabram to a premiership?
70. What was Shepparton Football Club known as before they were called the Bears?
71. What is the name of the social centre at the Mooroopna football ground?
72. Which two clubs merged to enter the GVL as City United? (Two points)
73. Which GVL club did Country Championship captain Graeme Kendall coach?
74. Who was the Nathalia player recruited by Mooroopna, won consecutive Morrison Medals and became a detective?
75. Which former North Melbourne ruckman represented the league with distinction and coached a GVL club?
76. Which club has won the most GV netball A-grade premierships?
77. Which GV Netball League player has won four Wellman Family Medals? Which club did she play for? (Two points)
78. Who was the first president of the GV Netball League?
79. When did Benalla first enter the GV Netball League?
80. How many elected life members are there from GV Netball League?
81. Which club has won the most GV netball premierships across all grades?
82. Name a player who has won two GV Netball League best-and-fairest medals representing two different clubs? Name both clubs. (Three points)
83. When did the GV Netball League introduce B-reserve to the competition?
84. Who was the coach of the successful GV netball Open Association Championship team in 2019?
85. In 1992 three netball players qualified as life members of the GV League. Name the players and the clubs they represented. (Six points)
86. How many A-grade netball premierships did Tongala win while in the Goulburn Valley League? Name the year/s. (Two points)
87. Which two clubs have been involved with the GVL from its inception in 1894? (Two points)
88. List the clubs that have been in the GVL in the past, but who are currently not. (Seven points)
89. What is the name of the current GVL operations manager?
90. Name the trophy that the GVL was set to contest in the interleague match against the Ovens and Murray League?