Caffeine for convoy

By Daniel Hughes

Hundreds of the region’s farmers and business owners had an early wake up call with a five hour drive ahead of them as they rallied to the streets of Canberra early this week.

In an effort to fuel these drivers with caffeine, offer their support and help raise awareness in the community, the Finley Bakery opened up at 4.30am on Monday and offered their coffee at half price.

Finley Bakery owner Andrew Richardson said the initiative to open the bakery early was backed by the staff and was well received throughout the community.

“The half price coffee and tea was to show support to people travelling to Canberra for the Can the Plan rally, and to help the locals promote awareness about how this Basin Plan is impacting on all businesses and the community in general, now and into the future,” he said.

“Staff were happy to commit their time from 4.30am and said people called in from far and wide to take up the offer.

“Everyone was appreciative that more people are taking notice of their concerns and becoming involved.”

As one of the businesses that could face the backlash from the ongoing water issues, Mr Richardson was one of many who took to Canberra and was overwhelmed with support around him.

“I travelled to Canberra to support our farmers and was amazed with well over 150 semi trailers and 400 cars and utes in the convoy. Many of these are from our local region.”