Qld lawyer Magill loses bail breach appeal

By AAP Newswire

A Brisbane criminal lawyer accused of ripping off legal aid has failed to have his convictions removed for repeatedly contacting people he was not allowed to

Adam Magill was fined $9600 last year after pleading guilty to five counts of breaching his bail.

The breaches related to the former police officer communicating with people on a no-contact list under the terms of his bail on fraud and money laundering charges.

Convictions were recorded on two of the breaches.

He tried to appeal the recording of convictions, arguing it was a manifestly excessive sentence and would adversely affect his ability to continue practising law.

However, the Brisbane District Court on Tuesday dismissed the appeal, noting Magill had shown deliberate disregard for his bail conditions.

The court found the magistrate properly considered the effect a recorded conviction would have on his career, and that it was properly applied given he had a prior conviction for a similar breach.

The court ruled the recording of a conviction also acted as a deterrence to others.

Since Magill was convicted of the breaches, the Queensland Law Society has cancelled his practising certificate.

Magill tried to have the cancellation stayed in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, however this was refused.

A review of this decision will be heard in March.