He will bulldoze your heart

By Alex Gretgrix

DOZER is a dashing dog looking to steal your heart.

He is a two-year-old, Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix with an abundance of energy.

This means he is looking for an owner who will take him for twice daily walks and runs as that's what he loves to do, walk and run.

He is suited to a family of any size, however it would be wise not to take him into a family with small children as he may accidentally knock them over.

Dozer is a strong young man who is yet to learn all his doggy manners.

This means it is strongly recommended he attends obedience training to ensure he grows into a well-adjusted and well mannered adult dog.

He will require plenty of exercise and attention to prevent him from becoming bored and destructive.

If you would like to meet Dozer or any of the other dogs available, head to or call 5480 3005.

His adoption fee is $360 and PER Source Number: BR101840.