Clubhouse to open

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

With the easing of Coronavirus restrictions our clubhouse will be open again next week.

However, members are advised that strict social distancing protocols will apply. The club will be ensuring all members follow the guidelines so we all stay safe and healthy.

The club will be open from next Wednesday June 3. Raffles and meals will be back from next Friday night. Everyone will be looking forward to returning to some form of ‘normality’ as we work our way out of the pandemic.

Members have been able to continue enjoying their golf throughout the restriction period, and we are now back to having four in a group.

Hopefully before too long we will see the return of charity days, which have been postponed.

Last Saturday was a stableford event and qualifying round for the Falkiner singles knock-out. A grade winner as Jimmy Poka jnr with a one over par round for 38 points, from Chris Mitsch on 37. In B grade Vicki Hutton had 37 to defeat Leigh Strongman 34, in C grade Tony Tonta had 40 to win by a shot from Jen Choice, and in D grade Robin Hood scored 39 to defeat Mandy Phyland on countback.

In Wednesday’s stableford event Jimmy Poka jnr scored his second A grade victory for the week with 36 points, winning on countback from Leigh Chappell. In B grade Tom Maw had 40 points, defeating Alan Lord on 37, and in C grade Lee Pattinson had 37, two clear of runner-up Graham Huntington.

The ladies event last Thursday was washed out.

Don’t forget to get your entries sorted for the Autumn Classic, which is on next weekend. Even though restrictions have been lifted it has been decided to stick with the fourball aggregate format.

Tomorrow is a fourball best ball and the qualifying round for the Eastman knockout.

The high school charity day was scheduled for Sunday, but like all charity days it has been cancelled at this point.

Last week’s results:

Saturday May 23, single stableford:

A grade J Poka jnr 38, r/u C Mitsch 37; B grade V Hutton 37, r/u L Strongman 34; C grade T Tonta 40, r/u J Choice 39; D grade R Hood 39, c/b M Phyland.

Ball comp: C Hardman, A Wettenhall, N Glowrey, D Grant, N Purtill, M Rothwell, R Turner, J Dedman, Z Pearce, G Willis, J Jeffrey, G Corboy, D Nalder, J Lord, L Marshall, N Boswell, G Maddison, I Fuller, C Thomson, S Simpson, C Thompson, B Purtill, R Taylor, P Hodgkinson, N Swainger, D Irwin, A Crossley, S Tritton, K Collins, G Brant, R Wettenhall, K Keane, A Jenkin, J Sefton, P Seely, c/o 32.

NTP: 2nd A Menadue; 5th P Seely, W Pekin; 9th L Chappell, J Poka snr; 11th R Wettenhall, N Glowrey; 13th T Tonta, K Maher. Golden hole J Jeffrey.

Tuesday May 26, ladies 12 holes: Winner J Hood 27, r/u M Smith 24, 3rd D Hunter 23. Ball comp: F Munnerley, J Lord, D Wharton, V Barnes, C Maw, F Harrington, P Davis, G Beckton c/o 22. NTP: 9th J Lord, L Henderson.

Wednesday May 27, single stableford:

A grade J Poka jnr 36, c/b L Chappell; B grade T Maw 40, r/u A Lord 37; C grade L Pattinson 37, r/u G Huntington 35.

Ball comp: N Purtill, P Oddy, D Bull, D Wells, J Hunt, G Bracken, P Seely, J Penna, W Bull, Andrew Hall, F Conallin, W Hodgson, B Barlow, R Begg, R Landy, L Hughes, R Bolton, D Wade, C Thomson, A Ellerman, c/b 30. NTP: C Thomson. Golden hole P Seely.