Re-Joice for Open winner

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Peter Joice had a par round of 72 to win the IGA Deniliquin Men’s Open on Sunday.

The former club champion had a five shot margin to runner-up John Radeski, on 77.

Joice also won the A grade handicap event with net 69 by a shot from Ashley Hall on net 70, and Carol Hardman won B grade with net 72 on countback from Rob Campbell.

On Saturday there was a stableford event. 

A grade winner was Terry Howe with 40 points, comfortably ahead of Chris Mitsch with 35; B grade went to Prue Lloyd on 37 from runner-up Ian Fuller 36; C grade winner was John Irwin 36 from Ken Maher 35 and in D grade Clayton Howe had a whopping 45 points to win by a shot from Gayle Beckton who could consider herself very unlucky to miss the main prize despite having an impressive 44 points.

Last Thursday the ladies had a stableford event, with A grade winner to in-form Carol Hardman with 37 points from Felicity McCalman 36, and B grade winner Libby Henderson with 41 points from Ann Bull 36.

Wednesday’s A grade winner was Noel Swainger scoring 38 points from runner-up Jimmy Poka jnr 36; B grade Tom Maw 37 from Jimmy Poka snr on countback (an unlucky day for Jimmy Pokas), and in C grade David Maraldo had 37 from runner-up David Grant 34.

Tomorrow is a single stableford event and the first round of the Falkiner Singles Knockout, with the top 32 to qualify.

The Mixed American Foursomes, which was scheduled for Sunday, has been postponed.

The following Saturday is the qualifying round for the fourball Eastman Knockout, so get your partner organised.

Talking of partners, don’t forget the Winter Classic which is coming up on the June long weekend and will be played this year as a fourball aggregate, not fourball best ball.

Last week’s results:

Thursday May 14, ladies stableford:

A grade C Hardman 37, r/u F McCalman 36; B grade L Henderson 41, r/u A Bull 36.

Ball comp: M Radeski, D Seignior, K Leetham, E Bolton, B Leetham, A Ferguson, D Hunter, F Harrington, M Rothwell, P Lloyd, D Wharton, A Danckert, Y Holmes, c/o 33.

NTP: 5th K Cathcart; 11th J Swainger. Golden hole A Bull.

Saturday May 16, single stableford:

A grade T Howe 40, r/u C Mitsch 35; B grade P Lloyd 37, r/u I Fuller 36; C grade J Irwin 36, r/u K Maher 35; D grade C Howe 45, r/u G Beckton 44.

Ball comp: K Collins, R Hood, B Purtill, R Begg, D Bull, J Barlow, D Maraldo, J Begg, R Phillips, W Jamieson, L Marshall, G Willoughby, K Druitt, R Landy, B Leech, V Lange, P Joice, P Oddy, J Choice, B Irwin, B Jennings, J Armytage, A Lord, J Somerfeld, J Radeski, N Glowrey, R Turner, Ashley Hall, M Phyland, N Purtill, B Bourke, G Maddison, A Jenkin, A Crossley, S Tilders, G Davies, J Penna, c/o 31.

NTP: 2nd B Irwin, K Druitt; 5th T Howe, B Dixon; 9th C Thomson, C Thompson; 11th B Irwin, R Begg; 13th D Whelan, R Burnham. Golden hole B Dixon.

Sunday May 17, Deniliquin IGA Men’s Open:

Open winner P Joice 72, r/u J Radeski 77.

Handicap: A grade P Joice 69, r/u Ashley Hall 70; B grade C Hardman 72, c/b R Campbell.

Ball comp: J Radeski, T Bult, I Fuller, G King, J Tonta, M Rothwell, V Hutton, J Choice, L Chappell, C Liefting, L O’Brien, M Radeski, D Ramsey, c/o 76.

NTP: 2nd J Radeski, 5th B Bourke; 9th B Irwin, K Simpson; 11th T Bult, C Hardman; 13th P Joice. Golden hole B Bourke.

Tuesday May 19, ladies 9 holes, secret 6 stableford:

B Purtill 16, r/u P Jarratt 14, 3rd K Campbell 13.

Ball comp: Y Holmes, R Lawrence, K Cathcart, D Wharton, P Wettenhall, K Zanatta, F Harrington, P Davis, V Robertson, c/b 12.

Wednesday May 20, single stableford:

A grade N Swainger 38, r/u J Poka jr 36; B grade T Maw 37, c/b J Poka snr; C grade D Maraldo 37, r/u D Grant 34.

Ball comp: M Lyne, J Penna, C Mitsch, P Seely, B Dixon, Andrew Hall, D Ramsey, I Fuller, G Rothwell, B Barlow, C Thomson, N Werner, Will Bull, N Boswell, G Bracken, T Tonta, F Rinaldi, Ashley Hall, J Radeski, A Brunker.