Yarnbombing returns to Benalla

By Simon Ruppert

Never has a bombing raid on a small settlement been so welcomed.

But with the return of yarnbombing next month, an explosion of colour is set to brighten Benalla's winter months.

For the past few weeks Benalla's yarnbombers have been busy meeting, as best they can under COVID-19 restrictions, to ensure the CBD is awash with colour during August.

Committee member Joy Shirley said the footprint of the yarnbombing would be a bit smaller than in previous years as a result of COVID-19.

“We're doing a bit less this year as the conditions are a bit different,"Ms Shirley said.

“But we felt that we needed to push ahead with the event to bring a bit of colour and joy to what has been a difficult year for many.

“So we're busy sorting through what we had last year and working out where we can put everything.

“We want to cover the bollards, the seat-backs and the bike racks; and then we will look at whether we can do some of the pergolas, and some of the trees.

“After last year the plan had been to try and expand along Nunn and Carrier Sts.

“But we made the call to just focus on Bridge St this year.

“So it will all be in the three blocks from Smythe St to Mair St.”

Pen pals unite

Joy said that the group had been careful to ensure they were following COVID-19 guidelines in how and where they meet, as well as how they handled the items to be put up around Benalla.

“We haven’t been able to use any of the facilities around town like last year, so we have been having to do all the prep in someone's house,” Joy said.

“But we are still allowed to have five people meet up in the group, which has allowed us to get everything prepared.”

The committee has all the permits in place and plans to install the items on Saturday, August 1, with them coming down at the end of the month.

“If anyone would like to donate a knitted or crocheted item, or of they would like to help out putting the items up they can call me on 0417 065 351,” Joy said.

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