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Merrigum golf

There was a fantastic turn-out for the Fitzsimmons Memorial three person ambrose at Merrigum on Saturday and the weather didn’t let anyone down either. It was a perfect autumn day and the recent rain has the course in as good a condition as it has been for a long time. Not only did the extended Fitzsimmons family do a great job of organising the day, they also boosted the numbers considerably. Despite the large number of visitors, it was the locals who dominated the day, with Tash Doherty, Cory Berghofer and Jeff Newham running out narrow winners with a score of 68-7.2-60.8. Within their team they pretty much had all facets of the game covered; a ladies’ club champion, a very consistent A-grade player and a player who has no trouble playing lower than his high teens handicap. The runner-up team was Rhonda Eberle, Nicole Doherty and Ash Sanders with 77-15.8-61.2, so once again the Doherty clan has had a good day, and hopefully Ash had another towel among his prizes (Ash’s wife collects them and has no trouble finding a use for them) to add to his collection. Ball competition winners were Bernie McGrath, Andrew Wood and Bill Johnson with 61.5 and Tim Balfour, Glenn Newton and D. Cornwell with 62.2. Men’s and ladies’ nearest-the-pins respectively were: on six Tash Doherty and D. Burls, on 12 Tash Doherty and Bernie McGrath and on 14 Ina Hogeboom and Michael Mulcahy. Tim Balfour won the winner takes all jackpot on the ninth and that would have been a very tidy sum given the size of the field. Ladies’ and men’s novelty event winners respectively were: longest drives Tash Doherty and Jason Brun, straightest drives R. O’Brien and J. Gilbo. The back-yard hacks were D. Papaioannou, D. Pilling and J. Sterk with 92.5. Once again thank you to the Fitzsimmons family for organising what has been one of the big two golf days on Merrigum’s calendar and now unfortunately may have that title on their own. It was a great day.

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