Blighty slip-up

By Southern Riverina News

Blighty’s A grade suffered their second loss of the Picola & District League season falling to Strathmerton by one goal on Saturday.

A slow start saw the Redeyes down by 11 goals early, but to their credit they clawed their way back to be two goals up with a few minutes to go.

However, the Dogs were hungry for a win on their home court, taking back the lead to win by the slightest margin.

Final score, Strathmerton 43 to Blighty 42.

Awards: Abby Wilson and Chelsea McNamara.

A well fought game after a slow first quarter saw the Redeyes keep their finals hopes alive in B grade, winning by three goals in an upset victory.

Blighty’s defence worked tirelessly producing many turnovers while the shooters were strong again.

The Redeyes will need to pick up an upset win over Berrigan and gain just over two percentage points to catch up to eighth placed Mathoura and make finals.

Final score, Blighty 32 to Strathmerton 29.

Awards: Kaila Park, Alana Coates and Nikita Doyle.

C grade final score, Strathmerton 34 to Blighty 33.

C reserve final score, Blighty 24 to Strathmerton 24.

Awards: Tahne White, Temeka Macdonald and Rose Sievers.

Blighty’s Under 17s suffered a heavy loss at the hands of Strathmerton, going down by 23 goals.

Despite this the Redeyes defended and shot well, with turnovers proving costly.

In the last quarter positional changes saw Blighty claw back the margin.

Final score, Strathmerton 48 to Blighty 25.

Awards: Emmy Weir, Kelsey Hislop, Audrey James and Lillie Harford.

Blighty had an impressive 33 goal win over Strathmerton in the Under 15s.

A few changes saw Sarah Hanmer and Bella McIlwain shine in centre and goal defence respectively.

Karla Nichols had many intercepts which all turned into goals, with Bridie Blake and Zara Macdonald working well in the ring together.

Final score, Blighty 41 to Strathmerton 8.

Awards: Sarah Hanmer, Belle McIlwain and Karla Nichols.

Under 13s final score, Blighty 19 Strathmerton 12

Awards: Erica Nichols, Beth Laverty, Nicola Stanworth and Stevie Bateman.

Blighty’s Under 11s had a great game with many amazing passes and goals.

Awards: Cassidy Sibraa, Lucy Dudley, Jenna Munro and Claire Ingram.