Big questions answered

By Seymour Telegraph

The Mitchell Christian Fellowship is offering Seymour and district residents the chance to answer the big questions with a visit from Creation Ministries International.

Pastor Dave Wood encourages everyone to go along and hear Dr Ron Neller ‘‘expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas’’.

‘‘You’ll be blown away to see how the supposed ‘scientific evidence for evolution’ is really nothing of the sort,’’ Pastor Wood said.

‘‘According to the theory of evolution as taught in schools and universities, there is no need for God — everything made itself.

‘‘If that’s true, it means there is no spiritual realm — you don’t have a spirit and there is no afterlife. So ‘spirituality’ is just an ‘evolutionary trick of the mind’.

But the Bible gives a very different picture about our origins.

‘‘And many scientists now recognise the scientific evidence, when properly understood, confirms the biblical account,’’ Pastor Wood said.

Dr Neller will speak at the Victorian Railways Institute Hall, on the corner of Railway Place and Anzac Ave in Seymour, on July 28 from 3pm.

For more information, phone Pastor Wood on 0439921975.