Recycling efforts rate Strathbogie second in state

By Seymour Telegraph

Strathbogie Shire is strides ahead in the recycling game.

A recent report released by Sustainability Victoria has ranked the shire municipality number two for diversion of kerbside collected waste out of 79 local government areas in Victoria.

The Strathbogie Shire diverted 67 per cent of waste into recycling and organics in 2016-17, second in the state to Wodonga, with a diversion rate of 70 per cent.

Strathbogie Shire chief executive Steve Crawcour said residents and businesses in the shire should be commended for their recycling efforts.

‘‘This is a fantastic result for our area, especially when you consider the state-wide average of 46 per cent diversion,’’ Mr Crawcour said.

‘‘We congratulate our community on their ongoing commitment to the three-bin system which we are proud to say is working really effectively.’’

Mr Crawcour said the next step for council was focusing on community education to minimise waste generation and continue to reduce bin contamination levels.

‘‘We are partnering with Mitchell and Murrindindi Councils to develop a Waste Education Strategy for the Southern Goulburn Region,’’ Mr Crawcour said.

‘‘Our Waste Education officer, Grace Davis-Williams, is currently meeting communities across the three shires to find out what people want to know more about when it comes to waste and recycling.

‘‘With feedback from the survey and recent pop-up events, we will be able to put together an education program tailored to the needs of our communities,’’ Mr Crawcour said.

Mr Crawcour emphasised while the recycling service is continuing as normal, it is important for residents and businesses to continue to look at ways to generate less waste in the first instance.