Precious products and quality service

By Seymour Telegraph

Halls Showcase Jewellers have been operating in Seymour since 1966.

Now in the business’s 52nd year, David and Alison Hall have brought the shop into the modern era while maintaining the legacy built by their parents.

‘‘It was still a jewellery shop back then but in those days jewellery stores were more like gift shops,’’ Ms Hall said.

‘‘They had lamps and dinner sets but they didn’t actually have a lot of jewellery.’’

Today, the store is filled with jewellery although they still do stock glassware, clocks, dinnerware and leather goods — items less likely to be found around town.

Mr Hall, like his father, is a watchmaker by trade.

‘‘It’s a bad term actually, we mostly repair watches as a rule,’’ Mr Hall said.

‘‘These days that’s usually battery and clasp replacements and the odd servicing.’’

‘‘In the past, mechanical watches had to be serviced every two years but the more modern quartz type watches are much more reliable.’’

Halls also offer remodelling, repairs, engraving, watch battery replacement and repairs, pearl rethreading as well as the fitting and designing of wedding rings.

‘‘If people want to update or repair a ring we can remove and refit any precious stones to remake it in the same way or in a more modern style,’’ Mr Hall said.

‘‘We can make it into a completely different item or restore it to its former glory.’’

Halls are also diamond specialists.

‘‘We probably have the best range of diamonds in the north-east region,’’ Ms Hall said.

‘‘There’s not too many jewellers between Melbourne and here and we have a lot of loyal customers from around the region.’’

■Halls Showcase Jewellers is open Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5.30pm and from 9.30am until noon on Saturdays.