Have haunted night out

By Seymour Telegraph

It seems there’s more to Seymour’s Royal Hotel than meets the eye.

When it was built in 1848, it served as much more than just the town’s watering hole.

In its early days, it was used as a police lock up, a morgue, a post office, a court room, a Cobb & Co stop, and inquests were even held there.

Then when a ballroom was added to the building, it became a hive of social activity for Seymour’s society.

And it seems the spirits of those past incarnations still live on at The Royal.

‘‘There’s apparently a band playing at one end of the ballroom (which is now derelict) and they’re all having a great old time,’’ licensee Leigh Bushell said.

‘‘It seems that all that still dwell in the actual hotel are a pretty happy lot, although we do have a rather nasty piece of work in the stables.

‘‘After a live feed, three mediums contacted the woman running the investigation to say that she should be careful in the stables, so that was pretty interesting.’’

Twisted History — a group that runs paranormal investigations at locations around the state, including the Geelong Gaol — are running monthly tours at The Royal, which is considered one of Victoria’s most haunted hotels.

Ms Bushell said other staff had experienced the paranormal activity first-hand.

‘‘Paul (Lowe) and I were sitting at one end of the bar one day and a pot glass just went up in the air and tipped over in front of all of us,’’ she said.

‘‘It didn’t break or slam down or anything, it just tipped over and laid itself down.

‘‘Up in my office I can hear ‘boom, boom, boom’ footsteps down the hallway, but there’s no one there, and often you can hear voices whispering in the courtyard and out on the balcony, but again, there’s no one there.

‘‘One of our staff was wiping down the area next to the till and all of the wine bottles just fell in to the sink out of nowhere.

‘‘The owners who used to live upstairs said they could hear kegs being thrown around in the cellar and pots and pans being thrown around in kitchen, so there’s been lots of occurrences where there’s been a presence.’’

The Royal Hotel’s next paranormal investigation night will be held on October 13.

Join the team at Twisted History for dinner and a paranormal investigation at the historic Royal Hotel in Seymour.

Participants will start the night with a meal at the hotel before the three-hour investigation, where the group will be provided with a range of paranormal equipment in order to investigate.

The cost is $80, and is not suitable for anyone under 18 years. Bookings are essential.