Seamer honoured by new tournament

By Southern Riverina News

He’s been a club stalwart for the best part of 35 years and Allan Seamer is being honoured again for his commitment to the Tocumwal Bowls Club.

The club will host a new medley fours tournament named after him — ‘The Allan Seamer’ — this Saturday.

Since the 1984/85 season, Seamer has volunteered for the club and can still occasionally sneak into the Division One side.

Prior to the move of the old bowls club one of the bowling greens was named after him.

The former three-time club champion said he’s had a lot of enjoyment from the Tocumwal Bowls Club.

‘‘I would work on the greens with three or four other people,’’ Seamer said.

‘‘After breakfast on most days I would go up to the old bowls site and tend to the greens with the others.

‘‘We would usually have a coffee afterwards and try and improve the country, but we never got far with that,’’ he said with a laugh.

‘‘I’ve been fortunate to play and work with some really great people which is mainly the reason I’ve never left the club to play somewhere else.

‘‘I’ve come across some great people from the association, meeting them a couple of times throughout the year in both pennant and tournaments.’’

Seamer has been a top bowler for Tocumwal for many years, winning numerous tournaments including 21up, 100up mixed pairs and men’s pairs.

He’s also been a runner-up in the Murray Bowls Division Champions of Champions and has won other tournaments around the regions including the Bill Armstrong Day in Finley.

‘‘My family first started playing tennis but it was becoming a bit tough on the knees so I switched to bowls,’’ Seamer said.

‘‘I was promoted to the top side recently. They must have been short on players,’’ he joked.

‘‘I’ve won three club championships but it was once every six years so I don’t know what happened in those other years.’’