Local events impacted by heat

By Southern Riverina News

The Finley Rodeo and the Tocumwal Foreshore Market were some of the biggest victims of an intense heatwave which swept through the Southern Riverina.

With a top of 46°C predicted on Friday, and an actual top of 44.6°C, gate numbers at the Finley Rodeo were lower than anticipated.

With an equally steamy 43°C predicted for Saturday earlier in the week, organisers of the Tocumwal market decided to cancel the event.

In the end, a cool change actually meant temperatures dropped by more than 20°C on Saturday — to a top of just 23.2°C.

Before the cool change, temperatures were sitting at about 40°C or higher all last week.

With the combination of the heat and the blazing sun, Finley Rodeo organising committee member and Finley Apex president Lachlan Kerr said gate numbers were at least 500 less than expected.

‘‘If we had the weather that was on Saturday we would have easily had a crowd of 800 to 1000 people,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s still good we can attract the die-hard supporters to town, but we struggled to pull the local numbers because of the heat — they did not want to sit in the sun for a couple of hours.

‘‘Once the sun went down it was still a really enjoyable night for everyone, and we kept on going until midnight.

‘‘There’s nothing you can do about the the weather but there is always that risk when hosting the rodeo in January.

‘‘The best we can do is hope the weather is kinder to us next year.’’