Barooga postcode will not be changed

By James Bennett

Berrigan Shire Council will not pursue changing the Barooga postcode, saying it does not believe there are enough residents in favour of a change.

Barooga’s postcode, 3644, more closely resembles those of neighboring communities across the border in Victoria.

In the past, it has meant the town has been overlooked by the NSW Government when conducting important surveys in the Berrigan Shire area.

According to Berrigan Shire general manager Rowan Perkins, the NSW Government online system rejected what it considered to be a ‘Victorian’ postcode.

He said despite this, and similar anomalies in the past, there seems to be little interest from residents in changing the postcode.

Barooga-based Councillor John Bruce said the same lack of enthusiasm has also been experienced in previous attempts to have the postcode changed.

‘‘There is a minority of people who want it changed, including my own wife, but they’re not going to jump up and down demanding it be changed,’’ Cr Bruce said.

‘‘In the past it just seems people lost interest.

‘‘If there is to be a change to the postcode I think you need at least 75 per cent of locals in favour of changing.

‘‘Most of the issues come from insurance and licences but once you state Barooga NSW then you rarely have issues.

‘‘When the merger talks was taking place the online systems rejected Barooga as a NSW town but there have been efforts since then to ensure it doesn’t happen.

‘‘Yes, issues have occurred but it seems the government is fixing that.’’

Cr Bruce said the impact the postcode anomaly has on emergency services in minimal, given most who work for the authorities live locally.

He said anyone who is concerned is urged to specify they live in Barooga NSW when making their calls.

NSW Member for Murray Austin Evans has supported the need for a change to the postcode, previously advocating it to NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro.

However, he said he accepts the opinion of its residents.

‘‘Barooga residents have anecdotally told us they don’t want it changed. Doing nothing is quite a viable option,’’ Mr Evans said.

‘‘The simplest fix would be to tell the people who conduct the online surveys that the Barooga postcode is valid.’’