New volunteer rewarded

Aimee Snowden had an extra reason to smile at Sunday’s Finley Show, after being named the 2018 Finley Show Personality of the Year.

Miss Snowden, 28, has been volunteering for the Finley Show Society for two years, since being named its 2016 RAS Rural Achiever.

She said it was an honour to be awarded the Finley Show Personality.

‘‘I was surprised when the Show Society told me I was the personality. That will teach me to turn up to a committee meeting when they decided it,’’ she joked.

‘‘For me agricultural shows have a real heart of country Australia and can provide a chance for agricultural education.

‘‘I help out where they need help particularly judging the Lego as that’s my area, and assisting with the showgirl.

‘‘We’re really happy with the entries we’ve had with Lego and we’ve expanded on it over the past few years.

‘‘Lego is always a hard section to judge but I still enjoy it.’’

Since 2016 Miss Snowden has gained national attention for her photography work involving Lego men working on the farm, as part of her initiative Little Brick Pastoral.

‘‘It’s been really fun but I prefer being behind the scenes,’’ she said with a laugh.

‘‘I quite enjoy the opportunities the Lego can present.’’