A Star performance from Nick and Steph

By Southern Riverina News

Nick Robertson and Stephanie Price danced their way to victory on Saturday night in the Biralee Preschool Dancing with the Stars annual charity event.

As the biggest fundraiser for the preschool, more than 250 people packed the Finley RS Club and were entertained by hosts Peter Brunt and Colleen Rockcliff.

Each of the five couples performed before all 10 dancers came together for a final group dance.

The winners said it was their outfits that tipped them over the edge with the judges.

‘‘Nick had his jacket and hat illuminated and my dress was lit up,’’ Mrs Price said.

‘‘We weren’t going to win with just our moves so we decided to up our game a little bit.’’

Alex Russell and Darren Sharp were deemed the runners-up, Gaye Maxwell and Chris Koschel ran away with the Judges’ Award for most entertaining, while Kelly Nicholls and Hayden Lunn won the Instructors’ Award for most improved.

As part of the competition, community members were encouraged to vote for the ‘viewer’s choice’ award.

Every dollar donated earned you a vote, and Jane Hawkins and Adam Kent earned the most votes.

Despite having eight weeks of preparation, Mrs Price said she was still nervous before going out on the dance floor.

‘‘I was nervous but a few glasses of champagne helped,’’ she said with a laugh.

‘‘I’ve had so much fun and everyone did a great job.

‘‘It was an opportunity I didn’t really know I needed, and we danced with a really great group of people.

‘‘Nick was a lot of fun to dance with. I think he was a bit more confident and chilled, so that helped out a bit.

‘‘When we were dancing I didn’t really notice the crowd because you’re concentrating and trying not to fall so you don’t have time to think about it.

‘‘I would recommend this contest to anyone else but I’ll be taking an early retirement.’’

The amount of money raised was still being counted as the Southern Riverina News was going to print, but the event is expected to yield at least $15,000 for the preschool.

Biralee Preschool Committee president Jane Harris said the evening was a ‘‘spectacular success’’.

‘‘In addition to Steph and Nick, Biralee was the winner on the night,’’ she said.

‘‘This event brings the community together in no other way an event does.

‘‘Eight weeks ago we had 10 people who didn’t really know each other and now they’ve created a close friendship.’’

Biralee Preschool would like to thank Pascoe Earthmoving, Eagle-i, John Nolen Excavations, Finley RS Club, Finley Party Hire, the dancers, dance instructor Vicki Ackers, the judges, Dancing with the Stars committee and the Biralee teachers.

They also wanted to make special mention to Gary Carr and Tiarna Giddings from Con Carr Betta Electrical for their technical equipment and displays.