Plays and singing all part of the celebration

By Southern Riverina News

Tocumwal Public School celebrated the importance of education, and especially public education, at a special assembly last week.

The large crowd included parents, grandparents and extended families.

The assembly was led by Year 6 leaders and all members of the student body contributed.

Principal Darren White said Education Week is a time to celebrate and reflect on the importance of education.

‘‘Schooling at Tocumwal Public is not only about now, but also about the future,’’ he said.

‘‘Our community looks to today’s students to determine the world of tomorrow.

‘‘Schools influence the way students think, speak and behave and some of the broad goals at Tocumwal Public are a love of learning, care and respect for self and others, pursuit of excellence and fairness and social justice.

‘‘We are very proud of our students and their enthusiasm to take on the many opportunities that are provided for them.

‘‘Year 6 students performed short plays they had written, Years 5 and 6 sang the school song, Years 3 and 4 showcased their music history singing The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Years 1 and 2 sang the National Anthem while Kindergarten were adorable when they led the crowd in the School Creed.

‘‘The assembly was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the talents and enthusiasm of our students. It was also a time to recognise the efforts of the teachers and staff of Tocumwal Public School for their efforts that go beyond expectations.’’