Scot joins ‘happy family’

By Daniel Hughes

Finley based real estate business Nathan Everingham & Co has added another agent as it takes on a friendly Scotsman.

Nathan Mackay, 35, joined the real estate game six weeks ago in a career shift that kept him in the agricultural industry which he has come to love after moving here from Scotland in April 2015.

‘‘I only started working for Nathan Everingham & Co six weeks ago but the team could not have been more welcoming,’’ Mr Mackay said.

‘‘It’s like one big happy family here.’’

When Mr Mackay moved here around four years ago, he started working on a farm ‘Old Woperana’ in Tocumwal where he met his now wife Jacqui and was immediately drawn to the area.

Unfortunately in 2017 due to a motorbike accident, Mr Mackay had to leave the farming industry and turned to another passion.

‘‘I was unable to work for a number of months so I decided to study for my real estate certificates,’’ he said.

‘‘Partly because I wanted to keep my mind active but also because I had a keen interest in the area.’’

Although Mr Mackay is still relatively new to the industry, he’s looking forward to furthering his commitment to the community.

‘‘I absolutely love it,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s very different to farming but because we sell a lot of farms I am still surrounded by the farming community, which I enjoy.’