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May 17, 2018

Part of the crowd at Speak Up's Open Water Forum in April.

A membership drive is helping to raise funds to support rural communities in their battle against poor government water policy.

The Speak Up Campaign has launched the drive as it works to better educate the broader community about the importance of food and fibre production.

In particular, it wants to improve everyone’s understanding of the need to get a better balance when scarce water resources are shared between the environment and food production.

Campaign chair Shelley Scoullar said at present there is a massive disconnect — too many people, including politicians, are not well educated about the importance of water for growing the food we need for domestic and international consumption. Nor do they understand that with effective water policy we can care for the environment, as well as protect food supplies and rural communities.

‘‘Speak Up is about facilitating education to improve this understanding. We are highlighting the valuable contribution that local people can make to developing solutions,’’ Mrs Scoullar said.

‘‘It’s all about collaboration — working together so everyone benefits. That is not presently happening.’’

The Speak Up membership drive follows a successful water forum addressed by scientists, economists, community members and politicians.

‘‘It was a fantastic day at which an immense amount of knowledge was shared, then spread through media and other information circles.

‘‘Speak Up has been asked to facilitate similar events in other regions, but we need money for this and other activities we have planned.’’

Speak Up Campaign members, or anyone who wants to learn more, is invited to attend its meeting at the Deniliquin Golf Club on Thursday, May 24 from 11.30am.

To find out more about the Speak Up Campaign membership drive visit

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