SES volunteer’s driver reviver plea

April 19, 2018

‘‘We would rather serve you a cuppa than cut you out of your car.’’

‘‘We would rather serve you a cuppa than cut you out of your car.’’

That is the simple message from Cobram and Tocumwal SES volunteer Jinette Graham, particularly with the NSW school holidays now in full swing.

She and all SES volunteers know fatigue is one of the biggest killers on Australian roads.

Drowsy driving is dangerous and potentially deadly. If you’re already behind the wheel when you start to feel drowsy, the best remedy is to pull over and have a 15 minute powernap.

Many people think they can push through drowsiness, but you cannot fight sleep.

All day, sleep inducing chemicals build up in your brain. They eventually reach a tipping point, sending you off to sleep, which can happen anytime and anywhere.

Around 13 per cent of drivers and riders killed in 2017 were likely to have been driving while fatigued when they died.

That’s why SES and Lions Club volunteers can be found at Driver Reviver rest stops on holiday weekends and peak traffic days providing free tea, coffee and snacks to help motorists reach their destinations safely.

For more than 27 years, Driver Reviver has been a national campaign with one objective; to reduce road collisions by alleviating driver fatigue.

The message is simple — Stop, revive and arrive alive.

Jinette said the decision to stop for a cuppa and a chat was a no brainer.

‘‘Driver Reviver is the best way to break up the monotony of long distance driving,’’ she said.

‘‘All drivers need to be honest with themselves and accept they aren’t at their best when they’re tired.

‘‘We know fatigue is a major cause of road trauma and it is important people take the steps necessary to not become a statistic.

‘‘There are plenty of volunteers who would love to meet you at a rest stop and not at the scene of a crash,’’ she said.

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