Need for another eatery questioned

April 12, 2018

Dear editor,

Some years ago the (Berrigan) shire council made an agreement with a local builder to replace the Tocumwal town toilet block/tourist information centre with an elevated restaurant that would provide a river view and have shops below.

The builder told me the agreement ended with acrimony.

About a year ago there was talk again of such a project and in a very recent SRN the shire manager spoke about it yet again.

Cost would be shared between the shire council and state government grants, he says.

Regardless of who pays it is not necessary to rehash the block. The toilets are in good working order and the building was recently upgraded and re-roofed.

In addition there already exist seven restaurants and eight coffee shops/cafes in this town.

The owners of these businesses are ratepayers to the shire and I wouldn’t think they were wildly profitable businesses (Christmas and Easter excluded).

Council is biting the hand that feeds them don’t you think?

Spending money in Tocumwal on tourism seems to prioritise over spending on ratepayers and residents in this shire.

Whilst most residents of Berrigan shire may well be town dwellers, writer included, agriculture is the biggest industry in this shire.

There are farmers who have dirt roads to get their kids to the school bus and get to town.

Is shire spending equitable?

Yours etc.

Gary Mexted


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