Noah’s big hurry to meet his family

February 07, 2018

Peter and Jan Horneman and Braxton, Rebecca, Noah and Paul Cork.

It was one month ago that Tocumwal couple Rebecca and Paul Cork welcomed their son Noah, and still the story of his desperation to be born is amazing locals.

Rebecca only just made it to Finley Hospital in time for his birth on Saturday, January 6, less than two hours after going in to labour.

The quick birth came as a surprise for Mrs Cork and the rest of her family, considering Noah was already overdue and that labour with her first son Braxton took far longer.

Only a day earlier, Mrs Cork had booked at Wodonga Hospital for an induced labour, given Noah’s apparent reluctance to stay put.

But a day later the little man decided he was in a hurry, which meant Mrs Cork missed her mother Jan Horneman’s birthday celebration in Finley that day.

‘‘I started contractions about 8am and didn’t think much of it, because our first child Braxton took about 17 hours (to be born),’’ Mrs Cork said.

‘‘We left for mum and dad’s at about 9am, and by the time we arrived at the front gate everything was going faster than we expected.

‘‘The ambulance came and our aim was to go to Wodonga, but we only made it as far as Finley Hospital.’’

Noah was born at 9.52am, weighing 3600g (7lb 9oz).

Despite the unexpected arrival at Finley Hospital, Mrs Cork said the staff were excellent.

‘‘They were taken by surprise but were so professional and helped out in any way they could,’’ she said.

‘‘I also have to thank my midwife Linda Whiley, who has been brilliant.

‘‘I was eventually transferred to Wodonga within an hour (of giving birth) and spent a further two days there.’’

While his sudden arrival meant Mrs Cork missed her mother’s birthday celebrations, Mrs Horneman said a new grandson was a pleasant trade.

‘‘There was a bit of disbelief about how fast it was all happening, considering he (Noah) was six days overdue.

‘‘The midwife was called on the way to hospital and delivered the baby straight away.

‘‘But is was wonderful — one of the best birthday presents ever.’’

Noah’s birthday will now slot into a big two days of celebration for the family, with his father’s birthday on January 7.

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