Syd wants Finley to ‘fly the flag’

January 17, 2018

Finley Chamber of Commerce vice president Syd Dudley is calling on community groups and sporting clubs to pool money and buy new town flags.

Finley has 10 flag tracks attached to power poles along Murray St that are only used for eight weeks of the year around Christmas.

Mr Dudley’s proposal is for Finley community groups to purchase flags that can be used when town events are held, with generic flags to be used at other times.

He said there isn’t enough use of the flag tracks.

‘‘When the Christmas flags aren’t being used, we have flag tracks vacant for 44 weeks of the year.

‘‘New flags will add town pride and a better atmosphere to Finley,’’ Mr Dudley said.

The 10 Christmas flags cost $3,000 when purchased by the Lions Club three years ago, Mr Dudley said.

He suggested community groups such as Finley Show Society, Apex, Lions, Finley Community Help Group and sporting clubs would be best suited to purchasing new flags.

‘‘Finley Show Society has three separate events each year — dog trials, the annual show and rose show.

‘‘The Show Society could fly the flags a week prior to the event and it can be designed by the society.

‘‘It would be great to see the Finley Cats with a set of flags that could be used when they have a home game.

‘‘Chamber needs to be in discussion with community groups to see how we can come to an arrangement for purchasing flags.’’

Mr Dudley said he would pursue the idea further at the next chamber meeting on February 12.

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